Steve Fisher - About


“I've come to know Steve as a consistently hard worker with a very high sense of professionalism.  He’s punctual, he takes direction well, works well as a team member with others and always delivers beyond what is asked.”

- Ken Rosser, guitar instructor, Musicians Institute/GIT

“Steve is a talented and versatile guitarist capable of performing in a variety of musical styles. A well rounded musician, Steve has all the professional musical skills any band leader or producer could ask for. You can count on him to be prepared to rise to the musical occasion at hand.”

- Ed Finn, educator and guitarist for pianist Roger Williams


I’ve taken an unconventional path to get where I am today. I’ve been playing guitar for 23 years, but music wasn’t my primary focus until recently. Like a lot of people, I started playing guitar in high school. After high school I went to college, got a BS in Psychology, and established a nice career in computer software and the Internet. Coming out of college I had only a very basic knowledge of computers, but I quickly honed my skills through self-study and on-the-job training, became a solid programmer, and eventually managed a team of over thirty software developers on three continents. That was great -- I achieved a lot and I’m proud of my accomplishments in that field.

During all that time I was always playing guitar, just for my own enjoyment, but continuing to learn and develop my musical voice. In 2010, at age 37, I decided I couldn’t resist pursuing a life in music any longer. So I left my job, sold my house, moved across the country, and enrolled in Musicians Institute’s GIT program in Hollywood, CA. So here I am, wise in life experience, a student in music, setting out on a new path.

My professional background has given me qualities that are important to a successful musician, too: having a professional attitude, being responsible, dependable, mature, being a team player, able to work under pressure, keeping a positive attitude, being flexible, a good listener, and able to articulate my ideas. These are qualities that will always help me succeed in any situation.

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